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Boise Harvest COVID-19 Update

by Greg Laurie on Mar 25, 2020

A little over a year ago we took a giant step of faith together to bring a significant gospel event to the Treasure Valley. Since that time, the Boise Harvest effort has been embraced by over 150 ministries and we have rallied pastors and local Christian business leaders and key influential figures in the community to stand with us in this effort. Hours and hours of prayer and mobilization have unearthed an intense desire to see people come to faith in Jesus Christ.

Then, out of nowhere, the effort was stopped in its tracks due to the COVID-19 virus. We continue to see more cities and states commit to business closures and the cancelation of public gatherings as part of a nationwide effort to combat the virus. With that, we believe it is in the best interest of all involved to postpone the Boise Harvest outreach.

But the Harvest team wants everyone to know this: A delay is NOT a denial! We are pressing on! Our team is working closely with the staff at the ExtraMile Arena on several new dates in late summer and early fall. As soon as we can, we will make a public announcement of the new dates and we will re-engage the community and continue with the process. In the interim, we are asking everyone to do their part in overcoming this pandemic and to pray for God’s touch upon our land. Who knows how God might use this as a way of preparing the hearts of people across the Treasure Valley so that when the Harvest does come, it will have an even greater affect!

We look forward to linking arms (quite literally!) and moving forward as soon as we possibly can!


Boise Harvest Team

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